deVere United Kingdom and Fidelius enter strategic partnership

deVere United Kingdom has underscored its commitment to the UK by entering into a new strategic partnership with Fidelius Group, the independent chartered financial planning firm.

Under the agreement, an enhanced proposition, branded Fidelius deVere, will reflect the dedicated and bespoke planning solutions required to meet the individual needs of returning expat clients.

Fidelius is a highly respected, countrywide organisation and is a well-known and long-time trusted partner of deVere Group.

We are confident that their size, scope and infrastructure capabilities will further enhance the service levels and the financial planning propositions for clients who return to the UK from overseas and will better position our organisation to push ahead in our key areas of growth and development.

If you are an existing client of deVere United Kingdom you can contact them on 03333 449 530 or deVere Mortgages on 03333 449 510. These are also the numbers to use if you are a potential new client and looking for advice.

If you are a former client of deVere UK and have not transferred your agreement to Fidelius deVere, then please contact deVere at [email protected]